Gearing for Profit        -     by Dr Gawie Roux

A 3-Level accumulated Profit Gearing Model for Adapted Cattle (i.e. Nguni)

Prof Phillip Morgon described the Nguni Cow as the most profitable cow in the world

This 3-level gearing model quantify the reasoning behind this statement

     Level 1 Gearing

     A Smallish Dam Line effectively increases the number of breeding units per hectare


     Suppose the carrying capacity (grazing capacity) of a farm is 71.5 ton/1000 hectares

                                                    Nguni Benefit  (Effective One Level Gearing):    62%               

     Level 2 Gearing

     An increase in Reproductive Performance (Calving Rate) effectively increases yield



      Level 3 Gearing

     Bos Taurus Naturally Adapted over thousands of years to the harsh ecosystems of the Southern Hemisphere provide a

     whole range of significant additional financial benefits. This final level of gearing has large individual variation.                    

     Consider the 3rd Gearing Level of Bos taurus africanus (Nguni):




1.     Domestication Efficiency (Pastoralist Concept):

Nguni cattle is generally placid in nature (slow moving and tolerant) resulting in double energy efficiency - less trampling of grazing and less ATP consumption (less  waisted energy). The effect is more available grazing and better maintenance of condition

2.     Low Inset Cost:

The natural adapted status implicate less supplements and less disease treatment needed. The placid nature tollerate lower staffing levels with higher handler safety and satisfaction. Considerable savings in inset costs could be expected.     

3.    Low Mortality Rate

The natural adapted status implicate a better chance of survival of both cows and calves

4.     Superior Roughage Conversion

Several studies implicate superior roughage conversion = more beef for less grass     

5.     Superior Meat/Bone Ratio

The Nguni (like other flat bone cattle) have light skeletons. It has been calculated that the Nguni carcass on average produce about 15% more meat (15% higher deboned weight / dressed weight ratio)

6.     Great Beef Quality     

At Genesis we believe that meat quality is a function of tenderness and flavour. We strongly disagree with the notion that tenderness is a function of fat content favouring feedlot cattle rather that grass-fed cattle. We are of the opinion that well handled lean grass-fed beef in Bos taurus with a placid nature has a good chance of tender beef. Flavour is more likely an expression of diet (i.e. foraging) than fat content.

7.     Hide Value

The thin, slick-haired and naturally oiled Nguni skin combined with exquisite color patterns achieve Nguni hides the prestige of being one of the most sought after hides in the world.

Nguni Benefit:     

(Effectively employed 3 Level accumulated Gearing)

Conservative Estimate   > 250% !!

Nguni Benefit  (Effective Two Level accumulated Gearing):    230% !!